Bar | Trident, Sausalito CA

Stepping through the doorway of the Trident is stepping back 50 years in time to an era of Sausalito when there were musicians and hippies and intellectuals passing through and taking residence in houseboats and houses on stilts in the redwoods.  The building is filled with history.  Don’t expect the bartender to fill you in though.  Do your own research.  Read the memorabilia on the wall. Be cool.  Order a drink from the menu or something classic.  Don’t be high maintenance.

This article is of course about the bar.  The restaurant is its own story.  The patio is out over the water and is an amazing destination for brunch.   The clam chowder is delicious.  The decor is from a different era.  Truly a special experience of a time when Sausalito was full of creative minds that often were also “altered”.

Full Bar.

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