Get A Spot-Light Feature

Would you like us to visit your place of business, take photos, and write a featured article? 

We can do this if you cover our costs!  Based on a sliding scale of expected annual revenue.

Price For Feature Based On Annual Revenue

  • <$100,000:  $500
  • $100k-$500k:  $1250
  • $500k-$750k:  $2200
  • $750k-$2Million:  $3500 
  • $2 Million > $5500

Business We Will Cover:

  • Restaurants/Eateries
  • Farms
  • Wineries
  • Food Producers
  • Local Grocers
  • Specialty Food Shops
  • Artisans For Foodie Businesses
  • Musicians For Foodie Businesses/Events

What Is Included:

  • On Site Visit
  • Insta PhotoShoot
  • Article With Photos published on Northbay Fork Website
  • Article shared & promoted on Facebook & Instagram
  • 9 Photos posted & tagged on our Instagram Account
  • Short Video Posted To Instagram
  • Short Video Posted To TikTok
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