North Bay Fork FAQ’s

How do you select the photography and art to be featured on your website and/or art registry or blog?

The imagery and design of the North Bay Fork website is directed by our Editor-In-Chief, Wendy Louise Nog.

Is the registry for advertising purposes only (for the artists?)

The registry is intended to be a collection of creative resources for restaurants.  Each listing is optimized for SEO, so will be found by search engines.  They also each have a unique URL.  The listing can be shared on social media, or the URL can be shared via email.

Are you going to show art being used in restaurants as part of the decor, on your website?

North Bay Fork is not only highlighting artwork, but also furniture design, food styling, kitchen design, any creative process or product required to put together a restaurant.

In what way are you selecting artisans?

Artisans find us, or we seek them out because we have seen or experienced their craft.  They must already have an online profile with a robust body of work in order to qualify for the directory.  Additionally, they will match our taste in some magical way.

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