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Editor-In-Chief Wendy Louise Nog

I grew up in a rugged part of Northern Minnesota in a tiny off-the-grid cabin far from the next neighbor.  In mornings, we pulled a covered bucket of milk up by a rope from the deep hole where it was placed the night before to cool after being milked from our four cows.  My mother would skim off the cream, and set it aside for butter and whipped cream.

As the coffee boiled on the wooden cook stove cowboy style filling our cabin with its aroma, one of us children would run outside to pick blueberries for my mother to use in the pancake batter that she poured onto an iron skillet heated on our iron cook stove.  The cream would be whipped, pancakes stacked, bacon from the neighbor’s farm sizzled, and we sat down to a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, melting butter, thick bacon, and maple syrup, lathered with freshly whipped cream.  Our parents would sip from hot mugs of coffee, and we drank our big glasses of fresh milk, still warm and foamy from the morning’s milking.  Birds chirped outside, and thousands of frogs sang their rhythmic love songs.  These are my earliest experiences of food.  It isn’t just one part, but all of the elements combined that create such a beautiful memory for me to visit in my mind.  Now that I am an adult, I cherish times when I visit a restaurant that has done something special.

Creating a dining experience requires artistry all the way back to the farm where the food originated, and it is my wish to celebrate all of the hand work that comes together for one simple meal.

– Wendy Louise Nog – Editor-In-Chief, North Bay Fork &  Founder of Future Bright Digital

Wendy Louise Nog, and Friend Stephanie G.
Wendy Louise Nog & Friend Stephanie G.

Wendy Louise Nog, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

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